November 25, 2022

Why both modem and router for Wifi

Are you looking for a modem or a router? Modems and routers have traditionally been two separate devices that worked together to build a home network. A combination modem and router unit combine the functions of these two devices into one powerful gadget, but today’s modern technology does not require a separate modem and router. First of all, let’s see why we need both modem and router for wifi?

Modem vs Router: What’s the Difference?

Connecting to the internet or a wide area network (WAN) is done through a modem. A router, on the other hand, allows your devices to communicate wirelessly over a local area network (LAN) or WiFi network.

Modems are gateways to the Internet, whereas routers are central hubs for your devices.

What Is a Modem and What Does it Do?

Modems receive analog signals from the Internet service provider (ISP) and translate them into digital signals that can be understood by your devices. Using modems, your devices can communicate with the internet.

Modulation and demodulation are synonymous terms in the field of modems. Initially, modems were used to modulate (or convert) the analog signal that telephone lines used into a digital signal that computers and other devices could understand. You would then need a modem to demodulate that signal into an analog signal that could be sent over a telephone line. Modems are still relevant even though the technology has advanced.

There are generally three ports on a modem, one for connecting to the internet, one for connecting to a router, and one for connecting to power. Newer modems connect to the internet through cable or fiber optics, while older ones use telephone lines. In addition, most modems come with an Ethernet port for connecting to a router or computer.

The ISP will usually provide you with a modem when you sign up for an internet plan with them. However, most internet providers will charge you a monthly fee, and you will save money by purchasing your own modem after just a few months.

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What Is a Router and What Does It Do?

Why we need both modem and router for wifi? In a network, a router distributes (or routes) your internet connection from your modem to the devices connected to the network. From your computer, mobile phone, smart TV, and other wired or wireless devices, you can access the internet.

Routing is the process by which your internet traffic is distributed to the right device in your network. You get an IP address for all your devices, so when you try to open a website on your computer, it won’t be sent to your smartphone.

Local networks are created and managed by routers. Security settings can be enabled on routers, as well as prioritizing traffic for certain devices. Your devices can also communicate over the internet through a router. You can use a smartphone app to change the settings of your smart home devices, for example.

Various types of routers are available, but wired and wireless are the most common. Computers and other devices must be connected to wired (or hard-lined) routers with an Ethernet cable. The wireless signal transmitted by WiFi routers is transmitted with the aid of built-in antennas.

Ethernet cables can be connected to routers via the Ethernet port to connect to your devices. Moreover, it has an Ethernet port that is necessary to connect a modem to so that it can communicate with the internet.


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