September 27, 2022

How to Update Firmware on a tp-link Router

How to Update Firmware on a tp-link Router?


Follow these steps to know how to Update Firmware on a tp-link Router.

1) Multiple hardware versions are available for some models. Make sure your device is running the latest version. Only use firmware that corresponds to the same hardware model. An incorrect firmware upgrade may damage your device and invalidate your warranty.

You would choose version 4 of Archer C7 if you have version 4. It is important to verify your hardware version and to read the important notes before upgrading.

2) Wireless firmware upgrades are not recommended

3) Please do not shut off the electricity or cut down the Ethernet cable during the process of upgrading

4) Please read the Notes included with your firmware download. Backup files of older firmware may not work with some new firmware. The router will need to be reconfigured manually if this is the case.

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Step 1

Update the firmware on your device by downloading the latest version.

On TP-Link’s website, click the appropriate regional download center. You can then select your TP-Link product from the drop down menus.  To download the firmware, click on the corresponding hardware version.  Various firmware versions will be displayed.

In the firmware, the six digits represent the published date.

Step 2

The Firmware can be unzipped/extracted from the downloaded .ZIP file

Step 3

Log on to the web management page of your TP-Link router.

Step 4

To upgrade the firmware, click System Tools-Firmware Upgrade (or Firmware); select the firmware file you just extracted, then click Open.

Step 5

Upgrade your account. After the upgrade is complete, your device will be rebooted automatically.

Step 6

The router’s firmware may have been upgraded by clicking on Status

Step 7

When you update your router’s firmware, some of its default settings will be restored.  Reconfigure your TP-Link router using the Quick Setup Wizard if this is the case.


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