November 24, 2022

What is best settings for Att Uverse router?

Best settings for att Uverse router – Netgear Nighthawk R7000

What are the best settings for the att Uverse router? Utilize the full potential of your home network. Learn how to verify that devices connected to your Netgear Night Hawk R7000 are configured appropriately to connect at 802.11n speeds by testing and confirming their configuration.

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Get the Best settings for Att Uverse router – STEPS IN DETAIL

Gateway location and settings

Note: Direct connections provide the quickest speeds while also consuming less Wi-Fi bandwidth. Connect goods you keep in one area, such as computers and game consoles, to your gateway using the available Ethernet connections.
Establish baseline speeds
You can see your baseline speeds, both wired and wireless, by running a speed test. Disable all other household devices that could cause wireless interference before running a Wi-Fi test. Bluetooth gadgets, wireless phones, baby monitors, and other wireless video equipment are just a few examples.
Perform speed tests on your home network using the procedures below.

Wired speed test

  1. Navigate to a PC that is wired to your Netgear Night Hawk R7000 gateway.
  2. Close all other apps on your phone or tablet.
  3. Any other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as tablets, cellphones, PCs, game boxes, and DVRs, should be turned off.
  4. To see the download and upload speeds, use an AT&T Internet Speed Test from a desktop or laptop connected to your gateway.

How to Test Wifi speed?

Let’s find out the best settings for the att Uverse router. Devices that use previous standards like 802.11b or 802.11g will not be able to achieve the Netgear Night Hawk R7000 gateway‘s maximum wireless speeds. Furthermore, some 802.11n devices only have a single antenna, which reduces speed by half. Consult the device’s service manual or go to the manufacturer’s website to make sure it’s compatible with 802. 11b/g/n/ac.
This test should be done with a clear line of sight and at a distance of around 10 feet from the Netgear Night Hawk R7000.
  1. Using your desktop or laptop, connect to your Wi-Fi home network.
  2. Close all other apps on your phone or tablet.
  3. Any other internet-connected devices, such as tablets, cellphones, PCs, game consoles, and DVRs, should be turned off.
  4. To see your download and upload speeds, use the AT&T Internet Speed Test on a desktop or laptop connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

The results will vary, and you should repeat the operation with different wireless devices to rule out device-specific performance concerns. Only test one device at a time, and if only one has a reduced throughput, upgrade the wireless adapter on that device (if possible) and retest.

How to find the location

Your living environment may have a negative impact on your performance. Place the Netgear Night Hawk R7000 in the following locations for optimal performance:

  • Keep a safe distance from huge metal objects like racks and cabinets.
  • There are no other power sources nearby. At least 6 feet away from the power supply.
  • Keep your distance from cordless phone bases and microwaves.
  • Nothing on or against it while standing vertical.
  • Not enclosed in a closed space like a cupboard or closet.

Access and verify gateway settings

  1. Follow these steps to double-check your settings.
  2. Open a browser window in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or another browser.
  3. To reach the gateway settings screen, go to
  4. Select Wireless from the Key Things to Do With Your Gateway section.
  5. For both radios, double-check the following:
  • WPA is used for security. (Selecting No Privacy will also work, although it is not advised for security reasons.) If the SSID has changed, selecting WPA-PSK is suggested.
  • The mode is B/G/N. This standard ensures maximum client interoperability while permitting 11n speeds (with the correct security).
  • The bandwidth is 20MHz.
  • Automatic is selected as the channel (default setting).
  • For the greatest coverage, the Power Level is set to 100.

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