September 27, 2022

11 Best Router Under 200 Dollars in 2022

You may become frustrated. If your WiFi goes down and your video streaming stops working, you may become irritated. To avoid latency when your internet slows or quits, we’ve compiled a list of the best router under 200 dollars that won’t break the budget.

This is Amazon’s best-rated router. It is easily accessible from any network. These routers are ideal for connecting your PC or laptop to a wireless network. The routers are simple to install.

To keep your connectivity from becoming an issue again, we’ll explain how to choose a router and propose our top picks. Without further ado, let’s have a look at these routers.

1- NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 Wi-Fi Router

(Best Router under 200 dollars) 


Aside from its moniker, this wireless router is one of the finest under 200 dollars on the market. It is one of the finest routers on this list of under 200 dollars routers.

Product description

This is highly suggested for folks who play online games or have a lot of internet usage at home. This router offers several advantages, including a huge coverage area, high WiFi connections, and USB ports.

It also has Double Firewall protection, which is quite effective. You can set it up even if you’re not experienced with networking. These routers cost less than 200 bucks, which is incomprehensible.

It has two 1GHz cores and wireless connection speeds of up to 1900Mbps, which is five times faster than Fast Ethernet or 802.11n. It is equipped with four 1G Ethernet ports. You may connect several devices while keeping a high-speed connection by using your network device.

Despite its modest cost, it is one of the finest wireless routers under $200 due to its extensive coverage.

NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 Wi-Fi Router setup:

Highlighted features

  • Dual-core CPU with high performance.
  • All connected devices are immediately allocated to the fastest available WiFi band.
  • Wireless signals are boosted by high-power amplifiers to reach previously inaccessible or difficult-to-wire regions.
  • The Nighthawk App, which can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or computer, provides individualized setup and troubleshooting assistance.

Pros & Cons

  • Stability of the Router
  • Long-Term
  • Vault of ReadySHARE
  • The fastest peak throughput while maintaining class-leading USB network performance
  • Front-mounted USB port in a sleek design
  • Because the ports are not all consolidated on the back, USB 3.0 performance is not much better than USB 2.0 performance.
  • Still no sign of the anticipated firmware features.
  • Loses at the range to AC1900 competitors
  • Competitors like Asus and Linksys provide a simpler setup.
  • Pricing for high-end products

2- TP-Link Deco M5 Wireless System (Deco M5)


Product description

Because of the network’s revolutionary architecture, it can operate flawlessly even in regions with restricted access, such as basements or attics. You can be confident that your gadgets will always have a strong WiFi connection no matter where they are in your home.

This best router for under 200 dollars has a Dual-band router with 1.3 Gbps speed and Dual-band frequency compatibility. This product’s installation is simple because the user handbook walks you through the steps.

This router is great if you intend to stream movies, play games, or perform any other demanding activity on your network. It also contains a WiFi extender with 450Mbps speed that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies for older devices.

TP-Link Deco M5 Wireless System (Deco M5) setup:

Highlighted features

  • The Deco M5 boosts the speed of your existing WiFi network.
  • Devices that use adaptive routing can automatically select the shortest path.
  • The Deco M5 creates a secure mesh WiFi system in only 10 minutes without the need for any software or a CD.
  • It allows you to move around the house with ease.

Pros & Cons

  • Overall, really solid performance.
  • Integrated virus and malware prevention
  • Ethernet-based Deco-to-Deco communication is supported.
  • For setup and configuration, a smartphone or tablet is required.
  • This model does not offer dedicated band control.
  • The Bluetooth mobile setup procedure is unstable.

3- Tp-Link WiFi 6 AX3000 Archer AX50

(The Future-proof)


Product description

Tp-Link Archer AX50 is one of the cheapest Wi-Fi 6 routers available, with the best router under 200 dollars. Despite having two bands, it can give combined Wi-Fi rates of up to 2976 Mbps. Even though I live in a three-bedroom apartment, I had no trouble connecting to Wi-Fi when I tried the AX3000.

These high-performance antennas and frequency bands are utilized in its beamforming technique at the same time. As a result, it has a vast coverage area and delivers superb Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your home. In order to improve signal quality, the gadget additionally employs High-Power FEM. Furthermore, the AX3000 is intended to operate in a variety of modes, including router mode and access point mode.

This dual-core CPU system includes four Gigabit Ethernet LAN connections and one Wide Area Network port. It also has a quick USB 3.0 connector and supports all partition types, including NTFS, exFAT, HFS+, and FAT32. The USB port may also be used for media sharing and FTP. Physical Wi-Fi and WPS buttons, as well as power, LED, and reset buttons, are also included.

Tp-Link WiFi 6 AX3000 Archer AX50 setup:

Highlighted features

  • IEEE 802.11ax wireless standard
  • A maximum of 256 devices can be utilized concurrently.
  • The 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands can be utilized concurrently.
  • Antennas External (4xHigh-Performance)
  • OFDMA and Airtime Fairness

Pros & Cons

  • Simple to set up
  • Performance in terms of throughput and signal strength is excellent.
  • Parental restraints that are strict
  • Anti-malware defense
  • Aggregation of links
  • It does not support WPA3 and has mediocre file-transfer speed.

4- Linksys WRT1900AC Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Wireless Router


Product description

The web-based interface is simple to use and compatible with all current wireless protocols, so you can even personalize it. Thanks to its five Gigabit Ethernet connections and USB 3.0 connectors, you can share your Internet connection with the rest of your house.

The router also comes with DD-WRT, which is well-known for its stability. Our performance testing shows that this router functions admirably. Throughput is the rate at which data can be transmitted via a router. The coverage was also adequate.

If you want a fully customized router with tremendous capabilities, the Linksys router is an excellent choice. The Linksys router is simple to operate and delivers excellent performance.

Linksys WRT1900AC Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Wireless Router setup:

Highlighted features

  • It has 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • The gadget contains a USB 3.0 connector and a 1.6 GHz dual-core CPU.
  • Because of its user-friendly Web interface, customization is simple.

Pros & Cons

  • Outstanding performance and range
  • When tested with a second router acting as a bridge, the throughput speed was unprecedented.
  • Simple to assemble
  • Management and remote access
  • Firmware that may be flashed using the OpenWRT QoS function reduces the amount of time it takes to buffer a video.
  • Expensive
  • Runs hot
  • When operating, there is a noticeable electrical odor.
  • It is not possible to set the 5GHz band to 802.11aconly mode.

5- ASUS AC3200 (RT-AC3200) 


Product description

Another good router under 200 dollars is the ASUS RT-AC3200 802.11ac router. The router is well-equipped, dependable, and strong, and it gives a stable WiFI connection. It offers a maximum Wi-Fi speed of 3.2 Gbps, including 2.6 Gbps on the 5GHz band and 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. Furthermore, the router has smart connect technology, which allows it to automatically choose the fastest band among the three available.

With six high-performance exterior antennas (3*3 transmit and 3*3 receive), AiRadar Beamforming technology offers a reliable and steady connection throughout your house. The rear USB 2.0 connection allows you to share printers, storage devices, and other USB-enabled devices across the network. There is a USB 3.0 connector on the front for 10x quicker rates.

Four dedicated Gigabit Ethernet LANs give the quickest connected connectivity. With its hardware-accelerated NAT, WAN-to-LAN capabilities are five times quicker, allowing for lag-free gaming.

Unlike other routers, this one does not have a dedicated WAN port. A LAN port must be set up.

ASUS AC3200 (RT-AC3200) setup:

Highlighted features

  • 802.11ac tri-band Wi-Fi
  • This capability allows smart connection Antennas to be used outside
  • 6 Adaptive service quality
  • Application for ASUS Routers

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent performance
  • There are several useful features, including the ability to prevent viruses from infiltrating your home network.
  • It may also function as a strong VPN/NAS server.
  • Storage throughput that is high
  • Design is bulky and quite impractical.
  • Clients on the IP reservation list cannot be identified by anything other than their MAC address.
  • Smart Connect switches connections too frequently, resulting in disconnects.

6- Synology RT2600ac dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi router


Product description

The RT2600ac contains the Synology Router Manager, which is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux PCs, in addition to several stand-alone capabilities. The RT2600ac router is a powerful and ultimate best router under 200 dollars at this price range that can easily compete with any rival and other comparable routers.

When you connect your connected devices to Synology’s five Ethernet ports, it supports wireless on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, allowing you to enhance wireless speed to maximize performance.

Multi-user, multi-passive multi-input/multi-output multi-streaming is available, which means the device may broadcast many streams to multiple clients at the same time rather than just one. The router includes four antennas, which might help enhance overall performance.

With this router’s VPN server and client, any devices connected to a 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz network are safe.

Synology RT2600ac dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi router setup:

Highlighted features

  • Wi-Fi range extension Wireless access at full speeds is suitable for households or companies with several devices.
  • The VPN server includes a plethora of capabilities.
  • This program’s file handling is sophisticated.

Pros & Cons

  • Simple to set up.
  • In testing, the throughput at 2.4GHz and 5GHz was excellent.
  • Dual WAN support is available.
  • There are several management tools available.
  • Data streaming using MU-MIMO.
  • MU-MIMO throughput and file transmission rates are average.

7- ASUS AC2900 Wireless Router


Product description

The Asus 2900 is equipped with NitroQAM, which gives a 5 GHz quad-streaming speed of 2167 Mbps. Because of the usage of MU-MIMO technology, all devices may enjoy fast internet speed and dedicated WiFi at the same time.

Gaming bandwidth may now be increased by using adaptive QoS, which prioritizes gaming activity. This router includes a security system named AiProtection, which is utilized for commercial reasons. This best router for under 200 dollars has four Gigabit Ethernet connections, two USB 2.0 and 3.1 connectors, and a dedicated sharing center.

Asus features an easy-to-use router application that eliminates the need to set up a PC. ASUSWRT allows you to install a router in three simple steps and access extensive features.

ASUS AC2900 Wireless Router setup:

Highlighted features

  • The 11th AC of the MU-MIO technology includes AIProtection Ethernet ports with a capacity of 4 GB and WiFi with a maximum data transfer speed of 2900 Mbps.
  • AI Mesh Compatibility

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent throughput performance.
  • MU-MIMO (multiple-user, multiple-input, multiple-output)
  • Controls for prioritizing are excellent.
  • Built-in network security.
  • Features and administration options that are robust.
  • File-transfer speeds are mediocre.
  • Only for vertical mounting.

8- NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500

(Best router under $200 for gaming)


Product description

The router’s four gigabit Ethernet ports may be used to connect to other network devices. This router is also capable of supporting high-bandwidth standards. Wireless routers with a band speed of 2.6 Gbps are the fastest on the market.

It can also connect to regular 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks at the same time, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for gamers. Depending on their requirements, users can select either dual-radio or single-band connection.

Furthermore, at the source level, it supports WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK security. You also get four high-performance external antennas to avoid dead zones in your home, making this a device ideal for gaming.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 setup:

Highlighted features

  • This router can reach rates of up to 2.6 Gbps.
  • The gaming router is tuned for low ping through software programming.
  • Only a few routers on the market can manage as much data like this one.
  • A dedicated Wi-Fi network is available for gaming.

Pros & Cons

  • Simple to set up
  • Excellent bonus features for gamers.
  • In testing, the close-range throughput and file-transfer speed were excellent.
  • In testing, long-term performance was mediocre.
  • The raw performance and specifications aren’t really noteworthy.
  • More expensive than competitor models

9- Linksys AC2200 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router


Product description

You can instantly increase the speed of your wireless network using this router. The finest router under 200 dollars is both feature-rich and safe. The installation procedure is also simple. It is incredibly nicely built, smaller than you may expect, and has all of the functionality you may want to increase the speed and reliability of your home Wi-Fi.

It features four Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB port, and two tri-band antennas (1 x 5 GHz, 1 x 2.4 GHz, and 1 x 2.2 GHz, which give higher range and performance) capable of reaching up to 2.5 Gbps on 5 GHz and 400 Mbps on 2.4 GHz.

Mesh technology connects all of your networks (wired or wireless). You can quickly and easily set up a mesh network with this router, and no costly desktop or laptop is required. You don’t need to do anything to get started with this router just use it right away.

Linksys AC2200 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router setup:

Highlighted features

  • Mesh networks provide improved wireless connections.
  • Using MU-MIMO and Tri-Band technologies, you can boost the speed of your network.
  • Connecting many devices in a dependable manner
  • Download speed of 2.2 GBPS

Pros & Cons

  • It is simple to install and administer.
  • Excellent throughput performance.
  • Velop mesh technology is used.
  • Support for MU-MIMO.
  • Parental restrictions are limited.
  • There is no built-in malware prevention.
  • The USB port is turned off.

10- NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R6700)


Product description

The R6700 is one of Netgear’s most popular models, offering super-fast speed, simple features, and a low price. The R6700 from Netgear has multiple bands. Because of its rapid speed, it improves gaming and video streaming experiences.

People will undoubtedly be drawn to the range of this best router for under 200 dollars. The 1500 sq ft coverage area ensures that your entire house has a robust Wi-Fi connection at all times. The gadget is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs.

Other features included with this router will undoubtedly make it a good buy. It comes with extra antennae that may be adjusted to assist extend the router’s range. There is also a USB connector for media sharing, as well as parental controls, guest network access, and guest network access.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R6700) setup:

Highlighted features

  • You may achieve 1750 Mbps using 802.11ac.
  • Connect the USB 3.0 port to your local area network (LAN) for sharing and syncing.
  • There are four 1G Ethernet ports available.
  • A single Nighthawk router may provide coverage of up to 1500 square feet.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent 802.11ac speeds
  • A strong feature set, including downstream QoS, is available.
  • NAS/storage performance that is quick
  • Excellent for gaming and streaming
  • Two networks running concurrently for improved performance
  • Because Beam-forming VPN is supported, it has an amazing range.
  • Extremely huge wall wart
  • On the 2GHz band, it has unacceptable throughput speeds.
  • The router firmware is adequate, however, it may be updated to dd-wrt or tomato if desired.

11- ASUS WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX3000)


Product description

It has dual-band wifi with download rates of up to 2402 Mbps at 5GHz and 575 Mbps at 2.4GHz. Use the ASUSWRT Dashboard UI’s simple user interface to keep everything at your fingertips.

It offers a short setup process that will take no more than 10 minutes, allowing you to begin using it right away. Wired devices can be connected via the Ethernet port. Asus routers feature a sleek style that makes them a welcome addition to any household.

For connecting to the Internet, the ASUS router delivers robust, lag-free wireless access. When it comes to optimum performance, ASUS routers are the ideal choice because they provide a plethora of great features.

ASUS WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX3000) setup:

Highlighted features

  • Dual-band wireless
  • Parental control and multi-user multi-point
  • It is compatible with AiMesh.
  • You may use it to cover up to 3000 square feet with WiFi.

Pros & Cons

  • WiFi is excellent. 6 overall performance
  • A plethora of essential features, as well as good AiMesh support
  • A fully functional online interface and a well-designed mobile app
  • Easy to set up
  • Wi-Fi coverage is excellent.
  • Can be hung on the wall
  • Affordability
  • Antennas are not detachable.
  • There is no multi-gigabit port or Link Aggregation.
  • There is just one USB port on the dual-band model.
  • On the 160MHz, there are some stability difficulties.

Buying Guide for Router Under 200 dollars

Before purchasing the best router for under 200 dollars, there are some variables to consider to ensure the greatest performance. To save you time and effort, we have listed those elements below.

  • Ports for USB

External hard drives, printers, flash drives, and other devices can all be attached to the USB ports. You should choose a router with at least one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port.

  • Ports on the LAN

The PC is normally linked to the router through an Ethernet connection and the router’s LAN port. It is critical that the router you select has at least four GB Ethernet connections.

  • Quality of service

This capability is handy when more than one device is connected to a router. This infrastructure manages traffic by prioritizing media. It improves the device’s performance and allows the user to tailor the bandwidth to their own need.

  • Processor capacity of the core

High-core CPUs can process more data quicker than single-core computers. Processors with 1.2 GHz clock speeds outperform those with 900 MHz clock speeds.

  • Area of Coverage

The router should ideally transfer data to all corners of the room without signal dropouts or dead zones. Before purchasing the router, be sure to read the reviews and suggestions.

  • Technology-based on MU-MIMO

MU-MIMO technology allows multiple clients to broadcast at the same time. You will receive high-performance streaming with this sort of router.

FAQs For Router Under 200 dollars

What does a Wi-Fi router do?

You may use your router to send and receive data from the internet without needing to connect to your modem. This is simply a large, sophisticated antenna that wirelessly connects to your modem. You may use the local Wi-Fi network to connect to other devices at home, such as printers and distant storage servers.

How much should I spend on a router?

A well-tested dual-band router in the $100 range should suffice for a small- to the medium-sized apartment or home if you just need to connect a few people or devices. The greater the size of your home, the more you should invest in a mesh network that can give more constant speeds from room to room. Furthermore, if you work from home, play online games, or share bandwidth, you should consider investing in a mesh network.

Upgrades to a high-speed tri-band router, for example, are generally a worthwhile investment if you have many housemates or family members.

What Are the Characteristics of a Long-Range Router?

Despite significant difficulties, these best routers under 200 dollars can easily manage a large number of connected devices. They often include many antennae and employ beamforming technology to guide WiFi signals to where they are required.

The TP-Link AC4000 Smart WiFi Router, ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 AX11000, and Linksys Tri-Band Wifi Router, among others, can cover up to 5,000 square feet.

How to understand whether you need a long-range router?

Using software like as NetSpot, you may determine if you need a long-range router or not. NetSpot is a network evaluation, scan, and survey program that provides complete visual heatmaps of WiFi coverage in addition to being an ideal app for professionals.

When you know how far your existing coverage goes and whether you need more power to expand it even farther, you can decide whether you need more signal boosters or if you need to change your gear completely.


This post has examined the reasons for getting a new router. Our specialists examined the top 11 best routers under 200 dollars and graded them based on user requirements.

There are certain principles to follow when shopping for a router, but it’s always a good idea to conduct some research before making a purchase. Overall, you should select the best router under 200 dollars based on your budget and speed needs.

Please let us know what you think about this post and if you have any questions regarding Reviews.

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